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Gray Fire: son of Robin and Starfire by wonderfully-twisted Gray Fire: son of Robin and Starfire by wonderfully-twisted

Konne'R is the Half Human/ Half Tamaranean son of Starfire and (then)Robin: Dick Grayson.

 The Tamaran Princess Koriand'r known as Starfire was only 17 when she found out she was pregnant following the break-up from her boyfriend Robin the Teen Wonder. Unsure of what to do she returned to her home planet of Tamaran and remained there giving birth to her son. Only after Galfore, Starfire's "k'norfka", the equivalent of a nanny, agreed to watch after the child did she returned to Earth. Not mentioning her pregnancy or her and Robin's child to anyone not even the child's father Robin(now known as Nightwing).

Konne'R or Conner as he is called on earth, was treated unfairly growing up in Tamaran society dispite his royal bloodline, he rarely saw his mother who only visited sparsly unsure of her place in his life and his resemblance to his father only causeing her pain seeing his education and upbringing being done by those that had raised her, seeing that as the best thing she could do for her child. Most outside a small circle of trusted family friends saw his mixed heirtage as a sign of his inferior stock and him not a true Tamaranean prince in their eyes.

Because of his mix heritage he didn't inherit the full potiental of Tamaranean powers and abilities. His physiology is still designed to constantly absorb ultraviolet radiation like other Tamaraneans but to a lesser degree. The radiation still does convert itself to pure energy, allowing him to fly at great speeds but not to the degree of other pure blood Tamaraneans. This energy conversion gives him slightly below superhuman strength and durability as well as laster bolts from his hands. The ability to assimilating languages through physical contact with another person is lessened than that of a full blooded Tamaranean and because of this he speaks in broken english, this mixed with only a second hand information about of Earth culture, and tends to misstate or misunderstand common idioms. He, like his mother before him does not use contractions in his speech but only as he learned English from her and was unaware that this is uncommon among English speakers. Dispite his lack of equal strenght to others on Tamaran he is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, having been trained by the Warlords of Okaara.

Do to his limited understanding of english he mistook his father's true name of Richard Grayson to be  'Richard the Son of Gray'. so he chose the name to Grayfire to honor, what he thought was his father surname. Despite never meeting him growing up he holds his father in great standing, he sees much of himself in that he knows of this father's adventures and training as they were told to him in stories. The fact that his father is a skilled warrior and leader who fought and best many enemies each with vast powers and yet having none himself. Helped push Konne'R to be a better fighter than those who thought themselves his greater do to their pure blood standing, relying on skill and technique rather than brute power.

It was at the request of Galfore that the young prince be allowed by his mother to visit earth and meet his father and learn more of his human half as well as test himself in combat and bring glory to both his father's name but his mother's home world. So at the age of 12of his ceremonial right of passage, he came to earth in hopes that he can gain honor so when he returns home he will be seen a true citizen of Tamaran.

So much to his suprise Dick Grayson at 29, finds out he's had a secret son and forced to play catch up and be the type of father he always wished Bruce Wayne had been and be there for a child that is an outsider on Earth just as much as he was On Tamaran.

He is quick to laugh but often gets upset and does have fits of anger as he struggles with the English language as he has to constantly translate his words in his mind, as he feels it others see him as not smart as he really is.

Conner has quickly taking a liking to the sweets of earth, because of its inabilty to grown on Tamaran. He often places large of sugar on just about anything, much to the chagrin of others and his favorite smack of choice is a giant spoon of peanut butter, which he constantly dips in powdered sugar after every mouthful.

watching Teen Titans Go and wanted to draw a child of robin and starfire.I fiddled with the cages of both Robin and Starfire as im not to sure what the current age they are suppose to be, it's somewhere in their 20's is about as much as DC comics will tell ya. So I chose to have Starfire get pregnant at 17 and seeing her actions of having a secret child be something a scared confused teen would do. Plus it leaves the kid to be about 12 and be a nice surprise plot twist to established characters. Now i know in the Alex Ross, Kingdom Come graphic novel it is shown that yes in a alterative future Robin and Starfire do in fact have a daughter together but I always hated her design, as i felt that the design of the character was basically just Starfire but with only slight differences. so i choose to go another route and make a young kid hero about the age of 12-13 and have BOTH Robin and Starfire's costumes represented. Being half Tamaranean i felt he is not as powerful as his mother and have Starfire's trademark red hair, which leaves a flame trail when she flies should in this case be black to take after his father. I also felt that the black hair should only be a slight flickers of black flame from his head as he flies. The Skin tone I had to get just right as it needed to be somewhere between Starfire and Robin's not really favoring either. I felt no domino mask was needed as he is proud of his mixed heirtage being from both Earth and Tamaran and he honestly doesnt understand the concept of secret identities and why heroes use them at all. I gave him his mother's tradmark eyes and lil eyebrows (from the cartoon). his tunic is a version of the 'Young Justice' Robin costume with elements of starfire's costume thrown here and there. I also thought the language barrier which is kinda of a running joke in Teen Titan's Go to be a major character trait, like a foreign exchange student how is trying desperately to communicate and understand a new land and the stuggles it causes, both dramatic and comical. Speaking of which, I just HAD to have the classic Robin lil green boots represented.It makes me Laugh. 

Robin /Nightwing and Starfire  (C) DC comics

what to you think?

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Skaramine Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful drawing and in story!
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
glad you liked it
ChinchillaChris67 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
His sister is Nightstar, right?
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Edited Mar 13, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
yes and no, Nightstar is the daughter of starfire and dickgrayson when they are adults in the 'Kingdom Come' books. Grayfire is a fan made 'what if' character if robin and starfire had gotten pregnant early into their teen titan days.
(gray) fire ?
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
yes, as in GRAY...son, he mistook Dick Grayson's surname as 'son of gray' and chose it as his code name as he wants to bring Honor to both his mother and father
oh cool! look on my oc and Rate on a scale of one to ten.
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