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Peter and Dorothy: Never Oz by wonderfully-twisted Peter and Dorothy: Never Oz by wonderfully-twisted
Dorothy Gale of Kansas was swept away on a strange and magical journey where she met some unlikely friends and was always being hounded by an evil witch. When things were at there darkest and it seemed like both Dorothy and her friends would perish, the poor farm girl wished had that she and friends were somewhere else, some where far far away  in a LAND where she would NEVER be found. Her Magical shoes listened and choose 'Never Land', it is here that are farm girl met a boy who could never grow up, only to be followed by the evil witch and her minions. With the memories of her home slowly fading away by the magic of the strange new land, can and will the lost farm girl return to the one place she calls home? oh what a awfully big adventure this would make.
this all started when I mentioned a movie title "Peter and Wendy" but got the title messed up and said 'Peter and Dorothy' this got my mind wondering how the story would work if at some point in Dorothy's journey back to Kansas she and her friends somehow got transported to Never Land. The villains collaborating to stop our heroes and the complete opposites in personalities from both Peter and Dorothy would be great to see. She wanting nothing more than to leave the strange journey she finds herself on and return to her family and Peter never wanting to stop 'playing' and refusing the outside world. Designing the characters was a hoot and a half, putting my own take on them was fun and challenging as they still had to read as the iconic figures.

Peter: for him I wanted the classic green outfit but different shades of green. I gave him a pirate sword on one hip and his 'pan flute' on the other. something I added just cuz, was a scarf around his neck. I figured it look really good flapping in the wind. Now he doesn't remember where he got it or who gave it to him but he vaguely recalls it was someone he cared about. The initials W.D. are embroidered on one side

Dorothy: for her I wanted the classic 'every girl' look, and combined several versions of the costume used in other adaptations

Toto: for her faithful friend I added a collar and red (if this pic was in color) bow tie.

Scarecrow: for this classic character i ditched the nose, as i never actually seen a scarecrow with one. and kept the button eyes. he was wooden parts in his limbs to keep him stable and i added a tummy as i figured he was not stuffed all that well by the farmer that made him. the clothes he wears are stitched up and are tied on. the two different shoes are also to that he is wearing hand me downs.

Cowardly Lion: i went with a smaller frame for him, as i figure he is living off smaller weaker animals. so he is in no means eating well. i added the "someone pulled my tail" pose, as a i loved that line in the film.

Nick Copper/Tin Man: now this one's face does look like my 'ClockWork Jones' character, but as that character is in part based on the tin man, i guess it went full circle. i wanted his arms and legs to be different as they were fashioned at different times (if you know his origins story you know why) by different tinkers, so nothing matches. I added Tinkerbelle resting on his funnel hat, as i needed a place for her in the pic, but it kinda worksence. she is a tinker by trade and would be very interested in what makes him work

The Wicked Witch of the West: for her i wanted to stay as far away from the classic film version as possible. i dressed her all in black and gave her a wide wide brimmed hat and an eye patch. i picture her skin a very very sick grey, i threw in those silhouette of flying moneys cuz  i wanted them in the pic but didn't have the right amount of room to get details.

Captain James Hook and the pirates: for them i just did the classic look as i honestly was running out of room and wanted them in the pic.

threw in a generic Emerald City and some clouds in the background and wished i had staged everyone better as i wanted the city to be on a island, for the sole reason that i wanted to have captain hook's ship  in the shot as well.

what do you think?
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JWAPPEL Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
This is great! And this crossover has actually happened.
Check it out:…

It's actually a x-over with "alice in Wonderland" too but Peter is important.
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
glad you liked the pic. and yeah I found those during a little research
Dark-Lina Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016
i love old musical film with this tittle !
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
glad you liked it
Connan-Bell Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016   Traditional Artist
Think happy thoughts, 'cause there's no place like home! 

*took forever to think of that* 
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Wow,that is good. Real good. if I ever do anything with this idea, im stealing THAT line
Connan-Bell Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016   Traditional Artist
Wooo! I did a smart! 
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