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Ta'Shia: White Grove Wizarding Academy by wonderfully-twisted Ta'Shia: White Grove Wizarding Academy by wonderfully-twisted
Ta'Shia Zahradnik is a 15 student at White Grove Wizarding Academy, located in a small town in northern Connecticut. Her mother has no magical powers, while her father was 3rd tier wizard from a very wealthy magical family, whom left her mother when she found out her mother was pregnant. This left Ta'Shia and her mother on there own having no contact with her father or his side of the family, much to her grandmother (on her father side) disappointment until Ta'Shia was 6yrs old and was found floating her toys around her room. it was then that her mother told her daughter the truth of her father and the hidden magical world that she was apart of. She then met her grandmother for the first time and who arranged for private lessons in using her magic until she came of age to be placed into White Grove at the age of 10. She is considered to be a specially gifted child who was had an extensive book collection at the age of 5 and has shared interest with her mother whom she is very close with, such as junk food, sweets, movies and music. Ta'Shia lives between different worlds, the world of her mother where she is surrounded with love and a simple but happy small-town-life, and on the other side the magical world of her father and grandparents.

I recently saw for the first time' Little Witch Academia', and I feel in love with the art and design of the anime. so I deicide to try my hand at making a character in such a world.  I knew I wanted her look to be both a 'school' uniform yet has some functionality to it as well. Her school jacket and most of her top was going to reflect a Japanese school girl style I saw in a random google search as it was slightly different from the normal 'classic' versions you see in most versions.
I added an arm band instead of a school patch as I felt it added more 'visually'.

her dress shirt has a hood attached to it, giving it the classic witches hat style but more of a hoody, the belt that goes around it is just for fun, and I stole this hoodie witch hat idea from another OC I did (not posted yet) of a Rise of The Guardians character for Halloween. its white color is for the school section she is apart of, as every incoming student is divided up into different sections for scheduling reasons, no 'my house is better than yours stuff,' more 'you got English at this time, I got it later' type- stuff.

The Gloves I am sure do something magical, im just not sure what yet.
Her school skirt is more leather coverings like a gladiators armor also it made me think of a "percy Jackson," as I felt that this magic school is nor afraid to have its students use their magic on each other (supervised of course) as they train, and wanted a article of clothing to show that these students don't sit in class al day but mix it up too.

I finished it off with black tights and sneakers with a buckle on them cuz, again mixing styles.

her favorite part to me is the broom/staff as it is both things. after watching Little Witch Academia and seeing the character Shiny Chariot ride the broom by standing on it I knew I wanted a character to do that, but I wanted more as well. so I felt i'd loose the classic 'I have a wand' thing and make the broom her magical staff as well. the bottom of the broom is carved wood in the shape od the classic bristled broom.Its basically a wizards staff but in the shape of a broom also I wanted the 'bristled end' to come off and have a 24 inch blade on the end for combat, this came from me seeing a Harry Potter Broom novelty pen and me wanting it to a weapon. So I see her swinging it around like a Naginata,  (google it).
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cavaleiroviking Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Lovely design
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
thank you, that means alot
Estonius Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
Cool design and drawing!
wonderfully-twisted Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
im glad you liked it
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